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State of Development - Fortnite Creative

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Fortnite have published a state of development for Creative Mode. Here are the main points:
  • One of our goals is to build more devices and options that will empower you to create games on your island. Recent examples are Elimination Zones, Sentry, and Last One Standing settings, which were released in the 7.20 update.
  • We’re focused on delivering a breadth of tools to creators in these first few months, trading off polish and perfection for speed so you can create without limits.
  • We will balance quality of life improvements to existing features with new feature development. One quality of life feature coming soon is more options to configure how voice chat works on your island, including the ability to have everyone in the same channel, regardless of your team.
  • We will create additional opportunities for feedback & discussion in one-on-one conversations and in large group format. Reddit AMAs and Discord Q&A events are both coming soon!
  •  We have an entire team dedicated to improving existing features and optimizing performance where we can. In particular we’re focused on improving game flow and loading times.
  • Items will be removed from Creative if they are vaulted in Battle Royale for ongoing tuning or if they are seasonal in nature. We’re working closely with the Battle Royale team to keep as many items available as possible, (like the Grappler)!

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